April Minutes-General Membership Meeting


April 11, 2018

7:00PM – 8:57PM EDT

A meeting of the General Membership of LSIA, a Maryland Nonprofit Corporation (“LSIA”), was held on April 11, 2018 at 7:00PM EDT in the Media Center at Lindale Elementary School.


Executive Board Members Present:

Suzzie Schuyler

Kevin Plessner

Jonathan McGowan

Kim Solloway

Glen Haller

Dan Woomer

Justin Szech

Sandy Hartzell

Ken Glendenning

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM and Kevin Plessner recorded the minutes.

Kevin reported that LSIA currently has 479 household members.

Kevin provided the Treasurer’s report, which indicates that LSIA has a net gain for the current fiscal year and has $29,745.93 in the bank.

The local police officers spoke to the general membership. The police officer reported that there was a “drug deal gone bad at the BP Station” wherein a gun was discharged. He was not able to provide any more detail about the incident because there is a suspect that is the subject of an active investigation.

A car parked at G&M restaurant was shot from the shooter at the BP Gas Station.

There was also a commercial robbery at knife point at the Subway restaurant on Camp Meade Rd. The subject exited the store toward Aviation Blvd. and made off with $164. The police were not able to find the suspect.

Due to an increase in auto theft, the police started the “watch my car” program.  The program provides participants with stickers to put on their car. Between 1AM-5AM, the police will pull a car with the stickers over since the stickers automatically provide the probable cause.

Scrap metal theft is down in the County but it still exists. If you see someone in the community who is scoping areas out, call the police and they will check the person out.

A resident reported squatters who have pitched tents in Linthicum and who are living in a car, currently on Benton Ave. DNR chased them out from behind the resident’s house so they moved to Golden Oak Rd. There is a video of the people getting out of the car and getting dressed in the street.

Delegate Beidle spoke to the general membership.

Delegate Beidle had five (5) different bills to stop or slow down the MAGLEV train but “they did not get anywhere.” She did get budget language that requires the hyperloop to participate in a Maryland environmental impact study.

Delegate Beidle explained that the fiscal note of $1.2 million on her light rail bill was the reason that it did not pass the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

Delegate Beidle understands that other communities are having issues with their light rail stops. She will work other the other communities to place pressure on MTA to do something about the issues.

Delegate Beidle reported that she has spoken to the Royal Farms about calling the police when people are loitering.

A resident asked what the residents can do to keep the Board of Education accountable. Delegate Beidle explained that this year, four (4) members of the Board of Education will be elected, so people can vote.

????[KP1]  from Inspections and Permits for Anne Arundel County spoke to the general membership.

The permits rules start with a catch-all rule stating that everything needs a permit.  The rules then provide a list of exclusions that do not need a permit. Over the past ten (10) years, his office has exempted a number of different things from requiring permits.

Permits do not take very long to get and his office is able to issue permits usually within the same day. Septic and well permits and permits in the “critical area” are more difficult to receive and take longer.

If a house has a door open or a broken window within 6 feet from the ground, it is “open to casual entrance” and his department can inspect it.

If there is trash around a vacant house, the health department may be able to inspect the house.

To add solar panels, an electrical permit and a building permit is required. There are multiple inspections involved. The solar panel contractors videotape the connections and wiring so that the inspectors don’t need to go on top of the house.

His office does about 40,000 permits per year. It is dependent on the contractor or homeowner to call for the final inspection. This needs to be done to “close out the permit.” It is a misnomer that not closing a permit will not increase your taxes since “the tax man will reevaluate anyway.” If someone is hurt from an uninspected structure or other appurtenance, you will be liable for the injury.

To close out a permit, the homeowner should call the County.

The County keeps electronic copies of permit documents back to the year 2000. Microfiche records go back to 1983.

The County has an online database that you can search to see your permits history and the status of each.

No architect or engineer is necessary for a single family dwelling unless the build is unique or unusual.

Councilman Smith spoke to the general membership. He reported that he is working on an online system that will provide notice to residents for anyone who requests a use permit or a change in use permit. The online reporting system will include both new businesses and changes in pre-existing business use.

Councilman Smith reported that Holy Cross at Maple Rd. and Camp Meade Rd. will benefit from a bill that will allow it to combine two (2) parcels into one so that the church will be able to use its house as a rectory (it is considered a business purpose). The legislation only effects the two (2) parcels—this legislation does not have a county-wide impact.

County Executive Schuh will deliver the budget on May 1. This is the last opportunity for items to be added to the budget. Contact Councilman Smith if you want to add anything to the budget.

Kevin reported the names of the current nominees for the LSIA Board of Executive Directors. The nominees are currently Suzzie Schuyler (President), Dan Woomer (Vice President), Kevin Plessner (Board), Jonathan McGowan (Board), Glen Haller (Board), Kim Solloway (Board), Celeste Riddle (Board), Shawn Murphy (Board) and Sandy Hartzell (Board). There are three (3) open seats on the LSIA Executive Board, including spots for Secretary and Treasurer.

Kevin asked for nominations from the floor but none were made. There will be a final opportunity to state nominations from the floor prior to the vote during the May 2018 LSIA membership meeting.

Suzzie reported that there is a bill that provided $200 million for Anne Arundel County schools in the budget. A law was passed requiring that as of 2023, 100% of the casino money must to go to schools as supplemental funds.


There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned at 8:57PM EDT.