May Minutes-General Membership


May 9, 2018

7:02PM – 9:14PM EDT

A meeting of the General Membership of LSIA, a Maryland Nonprofit Corporation (“LSIA”), was held on May 9, 2018 at 7:02PM EDT in the Media Center at Lindale Elementary School.


Executive Board Members Present:

Suzzie Schuyler

Celeste Riddle

Charlie Mannion

Kevin Plessner

Kim Solloway

Shawn Murphy

Dan Woomer

Derick Dallas

Justin Szech

Sandy Hartzell

Glen Haller

Jonathan McGowan

Ken Glendenning (Senior Advisor)

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:02PM and Kevin Plessner recorded the minutes.

Charlie provided the Treasurer’s report, which indicates that LSIA has a net gain for the current fiscal year. LSIA has about $1,000 more in the bank than the beginning of the year.

Charlie discussed the proposed budget with the general membership. The budget is balanced. There is no increase or cut in annual dues. 

Dan moved for a voice vote to pass the budget as presented by Charlie. Shawn seconded the motion. All members were in favor with none opposed and so the budget was passed as provided by Charlie.

Kevin reported that LSIA currently has 479 household members.

Suzzie announced that the membership will not vote on the LSIA Executive Board for the next fiscal year.

Ken Glendenning nominated Yvette Chang-Fisher, Shirley Stinchcomb, David Coleman and Tim O’Connor from the floor.

Suzzie read a statement about the expectations of LSIA Executive Board members.

Police Presentation

The local police spoke to the general membership.

A man passed out in the parking lot at 7-Eleven on Nursery Road. The man had an open container and loaded gun in the car.

Delegate Mark Chang’s office and the community were responsible for having a prostitution ring shut down in Linthicum.

There was a report about a 16 year old girl who was approached by an Asian male who asked if she needed a ride. She declined to take the ride and he offered for $100 to get in the vehicle. He did not pursue her further and she was able to leave. The man was driving a black Dodge Charger and the police have his information and know who he is. This occurred a couple of weeks ago, after school hours. The man did not technically break the law at this point. The community needs to be the eyes and ears for the community. The man lives in Columbia.

There was a pizza delivery robbery in North Linthicum. Delivering pizza to a vacant house is a red flag and it is likely to be a robbery.

There was a lot of police activity in North Linthicum last night. There was a call at Colonial and Charles for a man yelling at his estranged child and the child’s mother. The man tried to run over an officer and there were already warrants for him. The police are actively looking for the man. There are pictures of the man on the police Facebook page.

If you leave your windows open when you are not home, take an “L” bracket or screw and screw into the tracks of the windows on the first floor. You need to keep the windows closed enough so that nobody can get in. Screens don’t make much noise when they are cut so neighbors will not hear someone go in.

Suzzie verified that everyone had delivered their ballots into the ballot box.

MAA Presentation

Representatives from the MAA spoke to the general membership. Gene Reindell, Adam Shulton (technical advisor to the roundtable), Paul Yates (Vice Chair) and Linda Curry (communications) were present.

Mr. Reindell spoke to the general membership about noise barriers and their effectiveness against aircraft noise.  He holds a Master’s Degree in “acoustics and related issues.”

Noise barriers are effective at reducing noise that is from ground-based sources but from not sources above the barrier.

Noise barriers are more common on highways and railways than airports so most of the diagrams that are available are based on these sources and not from aircraft sources.

The wavelength of the sound makes a difference in whether a noise barrier will be effective. High pitched frequencies like a whistle have short wavelengths so sound barriers are more effective for high pitched sounds than low pitched sounds.

Noise barriers are not effective against air noise because of the height of the sound.

Airports sometimes use 3-sided (or four-sided) noise barriers/enclosures. These should reduce noise for high-powered engine maintenance since the airplane will be mostly closed in by walls. BWI is planning on building its first such enclosure.

The FAA considers noise barriers as a last resort. Neighborhoods within 100-200 feet of the airport decide if they want noise barriers.

A 1987 BWI barrier study determined that a noise barrier would need to be 20 feet high to protect the first 2 rows of houses. A decision was made to plant trees instead of a wall for the aesthetic value. There are not many places at BWI to put noise barriers where they would be effective.

There are 6 run-ups at BWI, all between 10pm and 7am.

The hotline number to call for BWI noise complaints is 410-859-7021. It’s helpful to call and to give the time of the day so that BWI knows when the issue occurred so they can figure out the source. You can also go online and report a complaint. There used to be a backlog on the calls in June and July 2017 but there has not been one since.

In order to put a time limit on flights, you need to go through the federal government and the success rate is very low. The airport provides a lot of revenue and jobs.

The Governor is pursuing legal action against the FAA for the NextGen flight pattern changes.

Chris, chair of roundtable of BWI, spoke to the general membership. The roundtable was set up under the auspices of the MAA since March 2017. The roundtable membership wants to go back to the 2014 flight patterns (before NextGen).

The roundtable sent a letter and resolution to the FAA asking to go back to 2014 flight patterns.

The Senators and Congressmen sent a letter to the FAA asking them to implement the roundtable’s recommendations.

The FAA responded that reverting back was not possible but that they were willing to work with the roundtable.

In August 2017, Governor Hogan sent a letter to the FAA, stating that he did not hear anything back from the FAA in response to his letter and demanded a response back on or before August 15. He did not get a response.

The FAA then stated they would have an answer back to the group by November.

The roundtable sent details to the FAA regarding their recommendations to fix the noise issues, including flying at higher altitudes and other requests.

Governor Hogan directed the attorney general to file suit against the FAA.

Later, FAA officials admitted that they did not even read the letter.

The roundtable met with Attorney General Frosh to see if they could help him with their expertise. Maryland hired a firm that won a case against the FAA in Phoenix, Arizona.

They held a meeting at Lindale Middle School on April 24, 2018. There were about 400 people at the meeting, including legislators. The FAA stated that it only considered departures but not arrivals. The result is that instead of one superhighway, the FAA now will use two. The FAA did not address the low elevation of the airplanes.

The roundtable is attempting to get language into a bill that would provide the roundtable with some legislative muscle. The roundtable is going to press on with this issue.

The Maryland Attorney General’s office has not filed suit yet but plans to.

Citizens need to let our elected representatives know that we want legal language that protects residents from airplane noise.

Maryland House Detox

Carol Boyer, community relations director for Maryland House Detox (MHD), explained that it is the first standalone detox center in Maryland. They have been working on the facility for more than 2 years and the facility is now fully credentialed. MHD is doing a soft opening on Monday.

MHD is looking for drivers, line chefs and behavioral health specialists.

Opioid Operational Command Center is attempting to bring all of the counties together to determine what is working for treatment.

People are able to go to fire stations and police stations to receive emergency treatment for overdose.

If you want to go for a tour with MHD, contact Carol Boyer at You can also contact the CEO, Scott Dehorty, to schedule a tour. The CEO wants to meet with people personally. Dr. Neeraj Gandotra is the chief medical officer and you can meet with him as well.

MHD transports people directly to their next level of care.

Carol provided safe and environmentally friendly medication disposal kits to the general membership.

Carol discussed MHD with the general membership.

MHD will have no signage.

Phaeton Health

Kevin described the ongoing issue with Phaeton Health. LSIA recently published an article in the Monitor about Phaeton Health. The business is at least prescribing suboxone in Linthicum. Suboxone is similar to methadone – it’s used to treat opioid addiction. 

The business is located in the business complex across from Papa John’s, right next to the train tracks on S. Camp Meade Rd.

County Executive Schuh’s office declined to answer questions about the suboxone business prior to the article being published. After the article was published, County Executive Schuh’s office contacted Kevin. This was a result of members of the community asking them for an explanation because of the article.

County Executive Schuh’s office reported for the first time that suboxone was prescribed at least 3-5 times last year but they are saying that since it is not being distributed that therefore they are compliant with the law. They still have not provided LSIA with a legal explanation of why they think that prescribing suboxone is not a state licensed medical clinic and I hope to have this answer soon.

The Capital Gazette picked up our article and will also be writing a piece about this issue.

LSIA also received documents as a result of a PIA request and will be reporting about those.

Kevin announced the LSIA Board members as follows:

Suzzie Schuyler - President

Dan Woomer – Vice President

Shawn Murphy – Treasurer

Kevin Plessner – Secretary

Sandy Hartzell – Board

Jonathan McGowan - Board

Celeste Riddle – Board

Glen Haller – Board

Kim Solloway – Board

Yvette Chang-Fisher – Board

Shirley Stinchcomb – Board

Tim O’Connor - Board


There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned at 9:14PM EDT.