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Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association

The Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association is a voluntary-membership, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of life in Linthicum, Md. The LSIA has been watching over Linthicum since 1975. The organization was formed with the merging of the Linthicum Civic Association, which dated back into the 1950s, and the Shipley Improvement Association, which was formed in the early 1970s.


The following information was forwarded to the LSIA from our County Council member, Pete Smith.  This information was sent to him by Brandon Bratcher of the Federal Railroad Administration.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), in coordination with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)’s Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to evaluate the potential impacts of constructing and operating a high-speed superconducting magnetic levitation (SCMAGLEV) system between Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland with an intermediate stop at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

The goal of the EIS is to provide FRA with information to assess alternatives that will meet the proposed action’s Purpose and Need; evaluate potential environmental impacts that could result from the alternatives; identify avoidance/mitigation measures associated with potential environmental impacts; and select a Preferred Alternative.

The purpose of this communication is to:

  1. Provide a brief update on the status of the SCMAGLEV project; and to
  2. Inform you of the second round of Open Houses being held between April 3, 2017 and April 8, 2017.

In November 2016, FRA published a Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare the EIS in the Federal Register. Following the NOI publication, a 45-day public scoping period included five Public Scoping Open House meetings held between December 10, 2016 and December 15, 2016. At the meetings, the public had the opportunity to review introductory materials, discuss the project with team members and provide formal comments. In addition, the study team held two meetings in January 2017 with key federal, state, and local government agencies to discuss project scoping and to receive their initial feedback.

Recently, the project team has compiled the results of the public and agency scoping meetings and comments received into a Project Scoping Report; refined the Draft Purpose and Need; and defined the preliminary alternatives and screening criteria to be considered in the EIS.

As part of our continuing efforts to keep stakeholders informed and to gather input throughout the planning process, we will provide this new information at the second round of Open Houses scheduled for the following dates/locations:

  • Monday, April 3, 2017 from 5:30  – 7:30 p.m. – Baltimore War Memorial located at 101 North Gay Street in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Tuesday, April 4, 2017 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. – Lindale Middle School located at 415 Andover Road in Linthicum, Maryland
  • Wednesday, April 5, 2017 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. – Bowie Community Center located at 3209 Stonybrook Drive, Bowie, Maryland
  • Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. – Cheverly Town Hall located at 6401 Forest Road in Cheverly, Maryland
  • Saturday, April 8, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon – Courtyard Marriott Washington, DC/U.S. Capitol, located at 1325 2nd Street NE, Washington, DC

I encourage you to share project information and invite your constituents to attend one of these Open Houses. Each meeting affords the public the same opportunity to view informational displays with project team members who will be available to answer questions or concerns. You can find additional information and next steps on the project website:

We are accepting public comments via the website, by e-mail to and by mail to SCMaglev Project c/o John Trueschler, Maryland Transit Administration, 6 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202.

If you have questions or would like to submit your comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at USDOT Federal Railroad Administration, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE, MS-20, Washington, DC 20590 or

Tree Removal near Andover Park

NOTICE: A representative from Colonial Pipeline joined us at our meeting and laid out plans for tree removal along the pipeline right of way. As of now, they are planning to remove only the pine trees along Andover Rd. near the athletic fields that are directly over the pipeline. These trees are endangering the protective coatings on the existing pipes. They plan to replace these trees with a different species that will be safer for the pipes and will also clear vines and other vegetation that are impacting other trees in that area. Nobody wants to see trees removed but this is being done to prevent a future problem for Linthicum and the pipelines.

How zoning affects Linthicum

By Jonathan McGowan

Zoning Code is a set of laws and regulations that divide a community into various zones and specific kinds of developed areas. The zoning code establishes land uses within Anne Arundel County.   Zoning districts are created for the desired use of the land, for example residential, commercial, industrial and maritime.

Within the Linthicum-Shipley community, we have three residential districts (R1, R2 and R5), Three Commercial Districts (CI, C3 and C4) and One Industrial District (W1).  

The Residential Districts have been developed over the years to define the size of lots and type of homes. District - R1 is west of Andover Park with large lots with single dwellings. District - R2 is limited along Archer Avenue and at the west end of Shipley and Cleveland Roads.  District -R5 is the most predominant by land area within the LSIA limits, intended for low-medium single family detached residential homes allowing five (5) dwellings per acre.  There is one other residential district that has been development over past three years, called Mixed Use District (MXD-T). This area is in the BWI/West Nursery Industrial Park adjacent to the Hoyt’s Movie Theater.  Recently completed multi-family apartments have been added to the residential mix. This addition to the housing market brings the constructed Concorde Apartments with 310 units, four story complex, with nearly 500 parking spaces on a 12-acre site.

The three commercial districts in our area are very limited, the C1 -Local Commercial Districts along “Main Street” Camp Meade Road and small lot at Hammond Ferry and Oak Grove Circle (known as 700 South). This district is intended for neighborhood convenience commercial uses, with maximum lot coverage by structure and parking capacity of 75%.   

Commercial District - C3 is for General Commercial large strip shopping centers.  The LSIA area has only one lot filing this District, which is located at the recently approved Rehabilitation Center on Camp Meade Road.  The lot is less than one acre and would not support any further commercial activity.

Commercial District- C4 is for Highway Commercial intended for larger scale auto oriented retail and service.  There is one area on the west side the BWI/West Nursery Industrial Park that contains this zoning.

The second largest land area Zoning District within in the LSIA limits is “W1”-Industrial Park District known as the BWI/West Nursery Industrial Park over 150 acres in size. This District was designed for industrial uses, such as offices, research and development laboratories, and light manufacturing.  Other support uses allow for hotels, restaurants, office, and related retail. 

The BWI (Business) Park and Linthicum-Shipley community in the last year have experienced the biggest land use zoning change in over forty years. This affects nearly half of the land area associated with Linthicum -Shipley. The County Council had legislation developed and passed that established an Overlay Zone for the BWI Park, which would allow for a Mixed-Use Development. The entire “W-1” BWI Park changed from a planned research park to a Mixed Use Multiple Family/ Apartments/Townhomes/ Retail /Industrial/ Hotel business park.

 The provision allows for additional uses such as multifamily apartments, townhomes, pharmacies, retail shops, package good stores, general offices, and banks.  Essentially, this adds two additional Residential Zones, R15 and R22, to the area.

Presently in the BWI Mixed Use Overly Area,

·        New retail shops with food uses are completing construction and opening this Spring along West Nursery Road.  

·        Developers are in the subdivision design stages for “Andover Park” a 331 townhome and apartment complex with nearly 700 parking spaces on a 19-acre site along Andover Road.

·        Developers are planning an additional apartment and condominium style building adjacent to Concorde apartments.


The growth in the Linthicum-Shipley community is now along the western boundary and seems to have a limitless opportunity to change the environment. It is unclear where the oversight from Anne Arundel County Zoning, Planning, Traffic, Schools, Roadways, Utilities, Storm Drainage, Police and Fire Departments are situated regarding this unrestrained growth pattern.


Growth in our transit oriented community is inevitable.  However, growth in our neighborhood should be about designing a neighborhood that allows and encourages such qualities as diversity, interaction, easy access to services, and amenities, less automobile use, a pleasant and low –stress environment, safety and security, and a high quality of life.   

Budget Hearings 2017 Dates

County Executive Steve Schuh Announces Budget Town Hall Meetings

Annapolis, MD (February 10, 2016) – County Executive Steve Schuh today announced his administration will host a series of town hall meetings in February and March to discuss the FY2018 budget.  

The meetings will allow the citizens of Anne Arundel County to express their views and budget priorities one-on-one with the County Executive.

The locations and times of the meetings are as follows:

February 28th at 7:00 PM - Southern Middle School, 5235 Solomons Island Rd, Lothian, MD

March 15th at 7:00 PM- Park Elementary School, 201 East 11th Ave, Baltimore, MD 21225, Brooklyn, MD

The County Executive will be joined by members of his staff, as well as key members from departments across county government. Schuh will propose his budget on May 1st.

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