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Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association

The Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association is a voluntary-membership, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of life in Linthicum, Md. The LSIA has been watching over Linthicum since 1975. The organization was formed with the merging of the Linthicum Civic Association, which dated back into the 1950s, and the Shipley Improvement Association, which was formed in the early 1970s.

Veterans Day

The 7th annual Linthicum Veterans Memorial Veterans Day Service will be held on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at 11:00 AM. Approximately 31 new bricks will be dedicated at this ceremony. The dedication ceremony will be held rain or shine.


The Presentation of Colors will be offered by the USCYBERCOM & NSA/CSS Joint Service Color Guard. The National Anthem will be sung by soloist MSGT Danielle Harmon of the USAF.


This year’s keynote address will be offered by Pastor William F.R. Gilroy, St. John Lutheran Church.


Linthicum’s LCDR Brad Gilroy will present a moving POW/MIA Ceremony honoring those service members lost.


The Linthicum Veterans Memorial was born out of Linthicum’s centennial celebration in 2008. The Memorial itself was completed and publicly dedicated in May of 2010.


The Memorial is located in the heart of the Linthicum Heights Historic District at the corner of Camp Meade Road and Maple Road. This land was donated to Anne Arundel County by the C. Milton Linthicum Family. The Memorial itself was designed locally by Notari Associates.


The Memorial is maintained by the Linthicum Veterans Memorial Inc., a non-profit Maryland Corporation recognized as tax-exempt the IRS [501(c)(3)]. Funds are raised by the corporation through the sale of Commemoration Bricks, Bricks of Honor, Historic Bricks, Commemorative Tiles, and Challenge Coins. The Buy-A-Brick Program is detailed in the organization’s brochure that can be found at the Linthicum Library and at many local Linthicum businesses. The Challenge Coins will be available before and after the Veterans Day Ceremony on November 11th.

Hope to see you there!


Suboxone Clinic

Suboxone Clinic

Recently a Suboxone clinic opened at 518 S Camp Meade Rd.  Normally when an establishment such as this opens, LSIA is notified.  While LSIA does not approve or deny any business from moving into the community, we are generally notified when establishments that require licenses plan to open.

LSIA never received any notice of the Suboxone clinic operated by Phaeton Health Group.  Upon learning of this business' existence, our local delegates, councilperson and the Health Department were notified.

A board member recently spoke with the supervisor with Anne Arundel County zoning enforcement. She has been out to the site where Phaeton Health is operating. Her office was not aware of the clinic until we reported it. She has sent them a notice of non-compliance, stating that they are less than 1,000 feet from a school, less than 1,000 feet from residences and that there is not a “no loitering” sign as required in the code. Her office has given Phaeton Health until November 1 to come within compliance.

The following information on Suboxone is directly from the manufacturer's website:

SUBOXONE Film is approved for use in both induction and maintenance treatment of opioid dependence in appropriate patients.*

  • For dependence on short-acting opioids, like heroin or prescription painkillers, SUBOXONE Film, which contains buprenorphine and naloxone, may be recommended to help you begin and maintain continuity of treatment
  • When transitioning from dependence on long-acting opioids, like methadone, a buprenorphine-only medication may be recommended

If a doctor qualified to treat opioid dependence prescribes SUBOXONE Film, your treatment can begin. The following are potential stages of treatment with SUBOXONE Film. Only your doctor can decide what is an appropriate treatment plan for you.

  1. Induction—you begin your treatment (or restart it if you’ve relapsed) under the supervision of a doctor. For your first dose, you must be in a moderate state of withdrawal. You work with your doctor to reach a dose of SUBOXONE Film that works for you.
  2. Maintenance—Your doctor will help you to transition to the maintenance phase of treatment when you:
    • Are no longer experiencing withdrawal symptoms
    • Have minimal to no side effects
    • Do not have uncontrollable cravings

    In the maintenance phase, you may be taking your medication regularly as prescribed. You should comply with all of the elements in your treatment plan including responsibly handling the medication, staying free from illicit drug use, and seeking counseling and/or psychosocial support.

  3. Medical taper—The decision to discontinue therapy with SUBOXONE Film after a period of maintenance should be made as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. It is important that you work with your doctor to determine when the time is right to slowly lower your dose, taking care to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Throughout treatment, you should discuss any concerns you have about relapse with your doctor.


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North County Update

What's Happening in North County

By Justin Szech

LSIA Board members recently attended meetings that were set up by the County Executive regarding the General Development Plan as well as a meeting called by Councilman Pete Smith regarding changes coming to the Cromwell Field shopping center.  In lieu of an article this month, we decided it was more important to inform the membership about these meetings as well as where we are as an organization regarding the proposed SCMAGLEV train.

Cromwell Field

The meeting was held on September 25th at the Ferndale VFC Hall. Councilman Smith as well as Delegates Beidle, Chang, and Sophocleus were all in attendance along with representatives from the County Police, MTA Police, and the owners of Cromwell Field.

Many of the Ferndale resident concerns about the Light Rail as well as the shopping center included the following:

-Illicit drug use

-Needles on the ground

-Perceived lack of enforcement regarding ticketing and loitering

-Inappropriate location for the plasma center

-Increased numbers of homeless individuals

-Constant and aggressive panhandling at Cromwell Field

-Closure of the Giant on 10/25

Most of the elected officials present pointed out that Anne Arundel County is still facing a police officer shortage.  MTA Police Captain Shawn Wallace also pointed out that there are only 65 officers that are covering the Light Rail and the subway system thus ticket enforcement is sporadic.  Captain Ravenell (County Police) stated there have been 100 arrests at Cromwell since January 1, and that most of those arrests are officer generated while on patrol and not a result of a call for service.  Giant alone has had 150 police responses since January 1.  Captain Ravenell also implored citizens to call 911 if they see suspicious activity.

Councilman Smith proposed the following:

-Speaking to the County Health Officer regarding closing the Plasma Center

-Pressure CSL Plasma to hire/increase on site security

-Creation of a homeless community on Ordnance Road, away from existing communities

-Looking into the existing law that states you must have a ‘No Trespassing’ sign in order to enforce trespassing.

Broadstreet Realty currently owns the shopping center and their representative indicated that the current business and many of the problems existed prior to their purchase of the property.  Broadstreet maintains that CSL has a long-term lease and will be a tenant for the foreseeable future.

While this is not a ‘Linthicum issue’ many of us frequent the Cromwell Field shopping center and have patronized the Giant for years.  Issues that affect Glen Burnie and Ferndale often impact Linthicum as well.  We wish everyone well from the Cromwell Giant and look forward to seeing those employees at the new Giant in Glen Burnie when it opens on October 26.


General Development Plan

The GDP meeting was held on September 25th at North County High School.  It’s main purpose was to bring awareness as well as solicit feedback from the community as Anne Arundel County prepares its 2040 General Development Plan.

Attendees were asked to ‘vote’ for emphasis on what areas of county life and services were of most importance to them.  This includes categories such as, environment, open space, public transportation, etc.

Some of the main concerns voiced by North County residents include:

-Zoning changes

-Light Rail removal or modification

-SCMAGLEV and what many believe will ultimately destroy this community

-Airport noise

-Increasing traffic congestion

-Decreasing property values

-School Choice

-Land development that is outpacing infrastructure improvements

If you missed the meeting at North County High, there will be additional meetings held throughout the county.  THIS IS CRITICAL.  Linthicum is nestled in an area that has become increasingly developed, industrialized, and urbanized.  These meetings are YOUR CHANCE to give feedback to Planning and Zoning officials about what matters to you and this community.

These meetings run from 6-8PM.

October 17, 2017 Broadneck High School

November 30, 2017 Old Mill High School

December 11, 2017 Arundel High School

January 11, 2018 Annapolis High School

January 29, 2018 Northeast High School

February 8, 2018 Southern High School

February 22, 2018 Brooklyn Park Middle School

Special Thanks to Shawn Murphy and Kevin Plessner for contributing to this article.


The LSIA membership voted at the October meeting to oppose the SCMAGLEV project.  All routes stand to impact Linthicum Heights and the surrounding communities.  We thak everyone for their attendance at the meeting.  The next LSIA meeting is set for November 8th in the Lindale Middle School Auditorium at 7:00PM


LSIA's vote on BWRR's SCMAGLEV project is on October 11 at Lindale Middle School.  The meeting is at 7:00PM and you must be a member in good standing to vote (dues paid and living in the defined territory).


ACTION BY UNANIMOUS WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF Linthicum Shipley Improvement Association, Incorporated The undersigned, constituting all of the members of the Executive Board of Directors (the “Executive Board”) of LINTHICUM SHIPLEY IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED, a Maryland nonprofit corporation (“LSIA”), pursuant to the Company’s Bylaws and the Maryland Corporations and Associations Code, hereby adopt the following Resolutions by unanimous written consent: DETRIMENTAL IMPACT ON LINTHICUM

RESOLVED, that Section 2 of Article II of LSIA’s Bylaws require that LSIA protect and preserve the community from unwarranted, unjustified, detrimental and destructive actions which would adversely impact the single family dwelling concept of the community and/or the ability of residents to enjoy life in a peaceful, safe and healthful environment. RESOLVED, that any routing of the Magnetic Levitation Rail Line (“MAGLEV”) though or near Linthicum will have a detrimental impact to the general welfare of the residents of Linthicum-Shipley and locality as defined in LSIA’s Bylaws. The Executive Board deems that MAGLEV would be detrimental to the quiet enjoyment of the community within LSIA’s boundaries and has the potential to displace our residents, significantly deteriorate our community’s property values, have an adverse impact on traffic flows, create offensive noise and generally dangerous and undesirable living conditions to our community’s residents.

RESOLVED, that the Executive Board desires and deems it advisable to empower the President of LSIA and all members of the Executive Board to represent that LSIA and its members to all interested parties, including but not limited to the Federal, State and County governments and all private parties, that LSIA is vehemently opposed to all MAGLEV tracks that come within Linthicum or near its boundaries.

RESOLVED, that the President and all Executive Board members are hereby authorized and directed, for and on behalf of LSIA, to perform all additional actions and to execute and deliver any additional instruments as each may deem reasonably necessary and appropriate to carry out the purpose of the above Resolutions. This Action by Unanimous Written Consent shall be filed with the minutes of the proceedings of the Executive Board.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being all of the members of the Executive Board, have executed this Action by Unanimous Written Consent as of September 28, 2017.

This resolution passed unanimously on September 28, 2017 at the Board of Directors monthly meeting.

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