Linthicum Needs You!

       Where Are They?


     Where are the volunteers? There is a great need for volunteers. They are needed for Partners in Care. They are needed for Meals on Wheels. They are needed in our schools and our churches. They are needed even in our own community. There are Organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Linthicum Decorating Committee, The Woman’s Club and several others including our own Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association. We as taxpaying citizens can’t expect the County to do everything that is needed to keep our county clean and presentable. If we want lower taxes, we need to jump in and do some of the cleaning up and beautifying of the space we live in. This means don’t throw trash out of your car windows. Don’t blow your grass clippings into the street which clogs storm drains. In the winter don’t throw the snow or the leaves into the street or in the storm drains. Since we no longer can burn our leaves we should bag them and set them out for the yard waste pickup or even consider a mulching blade for your mower.

     There are many organizations that help those in need and they can’t do this without your help. I know that some of you are already volunteering and it is greatly appreciated. There are also those of you with children who are active in after school activities. If you have an older neighbor or a neighbor who may be dealing with a long or short term disability, ask if there is something you can do to help them. Maybe you can just go do it without asking if you know they wouldn’t mind.

     Here are some of the organizations that need volunteers. Sorry that I don’t have phone numbers for several of them:

Partners in Care

Meals on Wheels 410-761-6906

Linthicum Decorating Committee 410-859-1604

LSIA 410-859-8459

Linthicum Elementary School   410-222-6539

Linthicum Woman’s Club 410-859-1250


A faith based organization of your choice