Pond Retrofits in Linthicum

There are several projects going on involving the ponds in Linthicum. The first and current construction is at the Shipley Fairmount ponds, located at the corner of Music Lane and Hammonds Ferry Road. The county is doing a “maintenance” job there. Currently they are putting in huge boulders and sand and gravel, in proportion to cover the bottom and trap the solid mater as well as the harmful chemicals. This will filter at the bottom and allow the cleaner top to go to the overflow and then into the Cabin Branch.

                The other ponds are in Linthicum Oaks. We have had several meetings with the county and they are developing a plan to control flooding and runoff to provide a cleaner flow into Cabin Branch. The long pond/trench behind Tulip Oak will only get a series of berms that allow it to fill until the overflow to the next berm. This area absorbs water rapidly because the builder created a good subsurface to absorb water. The two ponds behind Silky Oak are still being negotiated and when the county comes up with a plan they will contact us to have a meeting with property owners. Stay tuned.


Ken Glendenning