Community Enhancement Grants

Here is a summary of the program and how it has been used. The Community Enhancement Grant system issues a $1.00 grant per aircraft landing and taking off. This money must be used for transportation related projects which include sidewalks, signage, speed bumps, and even fences. Most of this money has been used for sidewalks, especially long runs of sidewalk that were already in existence but were in poor condition.  To install new sidewalks requires engineering and permits, thus reducing the actual amout of sidewalk that could be installed. Regarding LSIA backing, the program has used community associations as the barometer for where and how money should be spent. . In short, the grant process takes 6-9 months to complete. E. Maple is not insurmountable, however it will take considerable time and planning as well as neighbor cooperation if it were to be accomplished.  Currently we are waiting for an estimate to repave sidewalks on a portion of Shipley Rd. If you feel there is something that our community needs that would be covered by this funding please let us know, and we will be happy to explore those options.  Please keep in mind that many improvements we may seek are subject to approval by the County or State of Maryland.  In addition, while we have tried to use this money to make pedestrian travel safer for all, sidewalks are technically the responsibility of the individual homeowner.