LSIA Election Information and Candidates as of 4/26/16

Bylaws Regarding Elections:

Article VI: Executive Board

Section 1
The Executive Board of this Association shall be the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and eight (8) members of the Board of Directors, and as many as four (4) senior advisors, making a total of sixteen (16) members.

Section 2
Any member of the Association in good standing shall be eligible to hold office, providing they are residential property owners and reside in the area designated in Article III, Section 1.

Section 3
Not more than one member from an immediate family may serve on the Executive Board during any fiscal year.

Section 4
At the Board's discretion, the President may appoint a "senior advisor" to the Executive Board. A senior advisor will:

  • Be an LSIA member with at least 10 years’ experience serving within the Linthicum community in some volunteer capacity.
  • Provide insight and guidance to the Board on matters related to all issues affecting the Association; serve as the "corporate knowledge" for the Association to ensure that past issues are not overlooked by current and future Association Board members.
  • Be invited to attend all Board meetings to serve in an advisory capacity, but not have voting privileges as a full Board member.

Article VII: Nominations – Elections

Section 1
A Nomination Committee consisting of three (3) members will be nominated by the Board of Directors, subject to the approval of the general membership no later than the month of February. The Nominating Committee shall present nominations to the general membership at the April meeting and/or publish the list of nominees and their proposed office in the Association’s newsletter for the May meeting.

Section 2
Further nominations may be made for any eligible member in good standing by a member of the general membership from the floor at the April and May meetings.

Section 3
Elections shall be held at the monthly general membership meeting in May at which time the Nominating Committee’s report shall be entered in the May minutes. The President-elect shall become resident agent of the Association during his/her tenure of office.

Section 4
The terms of office of President and Vice-President shall be limited to no more than four (4) consecutive one-year terms. This does not preclude a candidate from serving four (4) consecutive years in one office followed by 4 consecutive years in the other office.

Section 5
The order of succession of officers is as follows:

President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary

In the event of death, resignation, or removal of an officer or director, the Board of Directors, by majority vote, shall elect a successor.

Section 6
A member of the Executive Board shall be an Association member (see Article VI, Section 2) and shall not concurrently hold a public office. Those who become candidates for public elected office shall be given a “leave of absence” until after the election. If elected, they shall be expected to resign from the Association position.

Section 7
The Officers and Directors so elected shall assume their duties at the first regular general membership meeting, or at the first monthly meeting of the Executive Board, held subsequent to their election.


(As of April 26, 2016)

For President:

Suzzie Schuyler

For Treasurer:

Charlie Mannion

For Secretary:

Kevin Plessner

For Vice-President

Celeste Riddle

Board of Directors

Jim Blankenship

Shawn Murphy

Dale Townsend

Jonathan McGowan

Derick Dallas

Kim Solloway

Glen Haller

Justin Szech