Linthicum Hosts Candidate Night at September General Membership Meeting

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, LSIA hosted the first of two “Meet the Candidates” meeting at Saint John Lutheran Church.  Attendance was excellent, as many Linthicum residents and business owners came to hear to candidates’ position on an array of issues, including taxes, business, legal versus illegal immigration, border security, and more.

We were very pleased many candidates for Maryland elected offices attended, included:

Susan Turnbull (D) running for Lieutenant Governor with Ben Jealous, Tony Campbell (R), Ben Cardin (D), Arvin Vohra (L), Neal Simon (U), and Michael Puskar (U) all running for Maryland Senate, David Lashar (L) running for US Congress, and John Grasso (R) and Pam Beidle (D) running for State Senator.

[Key: (D) – Democrat, (R) – Republican, (L) – Libertarian, (U) – Unaffiliated]

Each candidate was given to opportunity to make an opening statement, and once these statements were completed, the floor was opened for questions from the audience.  It was a pleasure to witness the interaction and exchanges between the candidates and our community members. Most of the attendees treated the candidates respectfully and asked good, helpful and probing questions.

Following the meeting, many of candidates personally thanked the LSIA Board for holding the event and promised to attend our future events.

Two key elements made this, and will make our future meetings with the candidates a success:

  1. An excellent number of our community took the time to come out, attend the meeting, and

  2. Most attendees respectfully and maturely listened to the candidates, without interruption or rude jesters, and asked good, thoughtful, probing, and on point questions, without “rambling around the barn.”

Next month, LSIA will host candidates running for the following positions: State Delegate, County Executive, County Council, Comptroller, Sheriff and Board of Education.  Our next meeting will be 7:00pm, on October 10th, at the Lindale Middle Schools’ Media Center.

Mark your calendars – Come meet and hear what our candidates have to say, so you can make a more informed decision come election day.

Thanks to all who took time to meet the candidates.  I challenge all to attend. The more people that attend, the more attention Linthicum will receive once these candidates are elected.  Let’s be sure we show all of the candidates, Linthicum is paying attention.

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